01. The books are shelved in alphabetical [order] by title.
02. He made sure everything in his office was in [order] before leaving for the conference.
03. The soldier was severely disciplined for refusing to follow an [order].
04. People have done terrible things which they tried to justify by saying they were [ordered] to do so.
05. The young boy was [ordered] to go to the principal's office.
06. We had to wait for over half an hour for our [order] at that restaurant.
07. The waiter mixed up our [orders], so none of us got what we wanted.
08. We need to [order] more paper for the photocopier.
09. Dan has put in an [order] for office supplies of all kinds.
10. The teacher [ordered] the essays on her desk, from best to worst.
11. The United Nations has sent peace-keeping troops into the area in an attempt to restore [order].
12. The children were told to leave the room in an [orderly] fashion.
13. In June of 1941, the President [ordered] the freezing of all German and Italian assets in the United States.
14. In March of 1933, the government of Germany [ordered] a boycott of businesses belonging to Jewish people.
15. The 3 most valuable brand names on earth are: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that [order].
16. Just click on the dollar sign on the website to [order] your DVD.
17. The soldiers were [ordered] to put down their weapons.
18. U.N. soldiers oversaw the [orderly] distribution of food supplies.
19. I [order] you to leave at once or I will call the police.
20. The deportation [order] was sent to his home after his request for refugee status was turned down.
21. The submarine captain gave the crew the [order] to dive when the enemy ships were sighted.
22. You can pay by cash, check, bank draft or money [order].
23. We [ordered] a jug of beer, and a plate full of spicy chicken wings.
24. In March of the year 978, St. Edward the Martyr, King of the English, was murdered on the [orders] of his stepmother.
25. Edmund Burke once suggested that good [order] is the foundation of all things.
26. Aristotle once stated that law is [order] and good law is good [order].
27. A Lithuanian proverb observes that it is easier to give [orders] than to work.
28. A Portuguese proverb remarks that not much is achieved where everyone gives the [orders].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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